Serious Trade idea for the Rockets amp Bucks for the Bucks to acquire James Harden and for the Rockets to acquire draft capital and cap space an expiring contract

El_Flappo :okc-2: Thunder3:22 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT Deleted

With the news that Daryl Morey is stepping down as Houstons GM, I assume that they are likely to start heading into a rebuilding/retooling phase. Despite James Harden and Giannis throwing subliminals at each other in the media in the past, I think this trade could actual be beneficial to both teams. I hopped onto the []( trade machine and got to work. I will show the trade and then give my rational behind why each team does this. ​ **Bucks Receive:** * James Harden ($41.2 M/3 yrs) **Rockets Receive:** * Eric Bledsoe ($16.8 M/3 yrs) * Brook Lopez ($12.6M/3 yrs) * Robin Lopez ($5 M/1 yr) - contingent on him not opting into his player option which is unknown * 2020 24th overall draft pick (via Indiana) * 2021 FRP ​ **Why the Bucks Do It:** The Bucks are clearly in "win now" mode with Giannis heading into free agency at the end of the 2020-2021 season. They need to put another superstar around him to compete for a championship. A big three of Giannis, Harden, and Middleton is deadly and the offensive firepower would be unreal. If a team of Giannis and Harden cant win, they have a tradeable asset in James Harden who wont be a free agent until 2023, and they can use him to enter a rebuild which was inevitable anyways if Giannis chooses to go for greener pastures. ​ **Why the Rockets Do It:** The Rockets are in a very tough situation. They would be shedding a massive contract in James Harden, and they would acquire an expiring contract as well as two cheap options to clear up some cap space for the future. They would also acquire two first round picks to sweeten the deal for a rebuilding team. This puts them under the salary cap and gives them a few players to build a tanking/rebuilding team around, especially if they decide to trade Westbrook for a cheap option and some draft fodder. ​ Let me know your thoughts, do you think this would be a good trade for both teams?