What can stop the Lakers from going back to back

itsgettingbadman NBA3:02 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT Deleted

Assuming they fortify their roster or least run it back with the same core. I dont buy the Clippers anymore. PG has proven time and time again he cannot be consistently relied upon on in the postseason. Kawhis health is questionable. Harrell might be gone. Lou Williams getting older. Dont buy any teams coming out of the East after what happened to the Bucks. Nets have the potential to be scary, but we have to wait to see what that Kyrie-KD pairing looks like, especially with Durant coming off an Achilles tear. I can see the Warriors pulling something off, but even they are undersized and thin outside of their core group. As currently constructed, they are very very far from elite defensively. LeBron is fresh off a 30 ppg Finals MVP at 35 years old. He has at least a couple more runs in him. AD will only get better. So.... are we lowkey doomed for the next couple years?