LeBron James has made the Finals more than have the seasons hes played in 10 out of 17

vik1980 6:07 am Thu Oct 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted

Thats not something I foresee happening regularly. With the league and standards improving routinely, and things like Cap space and stuff, teams flatten out much sooner than before. In fact, if you remove the 50s Boston Celtics (for posterity sake), theres only a handful of players who can claim that. Magic Johnson - 9 Finals in just 11 seasons (ignoring the post retirement comebacks). Jerry West - 9 Finals in 14 seasons (came around the same time as the Boston Dynasty, when the league was very weak) Kareem Abdul Jabbar - 10 Finals in 20 seasons. Robert Horry - 7 Finals in 16 seasons. (Special mention- *he never lost a Finals*, and has more titles than Jordan) P.S.- Lets take a moment to appreciate Magics career. Didnt play in a weak league by any scope of imagination, still managed to get to the Finals almost on a routine basis. This fact hardly gets enough mention.