Doc Rivers should be immediately fired after this second round debacle

Heistotron2000 2:35 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Removed

His team didn’t come to play tonight in the face of elimination, and looked like they just straight quit in the fourth. His two star players both were mentally unprepared to play tonight, especially down the stretch. Meanwhile Old Man Rivers was sitting on the sideline looking like a deer in headlight getting ready to puke his guts out ‘til he goes into a coma from puking his guts out. The polar opposite of a leader and someone that can inspire a championship caliber team to succeed in the face of adversity. Rivers has already had plenty of chances with some pretty good Clipper squads. At this point, he should be held accountable for his teams’ failures. We’re not even getting into his now well established track record of blowing 3-1 series leads. He should be unceremoniously canned immediately. I am open to being convinced that I am wrong. Do your best.