Congrats to the Nuggets from a Clippers fan

pinatatime2002 [LAC] Grant Hill2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDT Removed

The last couple of games has been extremely frustrating and obviously everyone here has been clowning the Clippers and their performance tonight. We could have obviously played better in the second half the last three games, and we deserve all of the backlash we are receiving right now. Never the less, congratulations to the Nuggets for advancing to the WCF. They played like the better team when it mattered most and faced a ton of adversity in this postseason being down 3-1 twice. You guys have a bright future and even though you beat my team in such a crazy fashion, you guys showed a ton of camaraderie and sportsmanship in the end. Good luck versus the Lakers, I’ll be rooting for you!!!