Today 16th September 2020 is the day when basketball degraded itself from the group of physical sports to the group of mind sports

Valdnerovski 2:01 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Removed

The game has evolved ! Threes, assists, stats & fouls are the nucleus of the game ! Ladies & Gentlemen, after the GSW era and the Houston circus, this is currently it. The game has evolved and you can finally, without any doubts say - the game of basketball is played primary with the HEAD. First of all: * Thank you GSW on raising the number of threes to a remarkable margin. *The Golden State Warriors have revolutionized basketball. This season the Warriors have sunk 1,025 3-pointers, by far the most in NBA history.* * Thank you Westbrook on bringing stats to another level. *Russell Westbrook won the N.B.A.ís Most Valuable Player Award on Monday night after setting a record with 42 triple-doubles in the regular season.* * Thank you Houston on eliminating the classical center position. *This Houston Rockets small-ball formula is really working. They beat the Mavericks using the smallest lineup ever trotted out on a basketball floor with not a single player over 6-foot-6 touching the court.* * And last but not least, thank you Denver on putting it all together and proving it. *Joki? is now arguably the best center in the league.* How important is athleticism in basketball today ? Maybe its the 10th thing/skill on the importance-list and its only decreasing. As of today, basketball is a combination of ~40% Darts (Threes), ~40% Chess (Tactics -> Assists) and a little bit of the rest. 16th September 2020 is the day when basketball unofficially died. Greg Popovich: *Theres no basketball anymore, theres no beauty in it. Its pretty boring.*