The most impressive part of Harden s game against the Mavs wasn t even his offensive production It was the fact that he guarded the ball handler 1 on 1 down the stretch

_ProdiG_ Rockets5:15 am Sat Aug 1 EDT Removed

I think the really impressive part isnt the 49 points. Its the 3 Blocks and 3 steals. Harden tonight fished for the Luka matchup the whole game and we saw how Luka ended up doing. We also saw what was good defense from Harden on the unicorn not giving him and inch but theres not really anything you can do hes about a foot taller than you at some point u just gotta hope he misses Now, there were a couple times when running back on defense that he collapsed onto the ball handler and left the shooter open and just didnt even try to close out but given what was asked of him phisically this game, i wouldnt blame him too much. I hope this means he usually doesnt play as gritty defense because hes tired from a high offensive load/ knowing he has a long season ahead of him This shows he has it in him to be a really good defender. Forget average. Last night he was REALLY GOOD Thanks for coming to another Rockets fan praising Hardens defense ted talk.