ESPN Stats amp Info The Rockets trailed by 7 points with 45 seconds to go in regulation and came back to win over the Mavericks tonight Entering Friday teams were 2-711 when trailing by 7 points with less than a minute to go in regulation

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[] Harden, Covington, and Westbrook made key shots late in the 4th to keep the Rockets close and eventually take the game to OT, where they would go on to win. On the Mavericks end, their clutch problems arent anything new: >... If the Thunder have been clutch, the **Mavericks** have been the opposite. They have the 5th-best net rating and SRS (simple rating system) in the league, but only the 13th-best record. A major reason for this is that theyre an appalling [14-21 in clutch situations (.400 win %)](, which ranks 22nd, by far the worst of any above-.500 team (the next least clutch good team are the Grizzlies, who at least have had a solid 52% win rate in clutch situations). >The Mavericks [fearsome offense](, which ranks best in the league by some distance [(115.8)](, shrinks to a ghastly [*93.9*]( in the clutch, which is 2nd-worst amongst *all* teams. Their ceiling as a team is clearly sky-high, but their youth is also apparent with their troubles late in the 4th.