What are your opinions on Zions performance last night

Proof_Tadpole 6:55 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

I want to give the basic stats before I get into what my opinion is. So, in yesterdays game against the Jazz, Zion in 15 minutes dropped 13 points on 6 for 8 shooting and 1 assist. This is kind of a weird game to analyze. Obviously, it has been five months since the players have played an NBA paced ball game, as everyone was rusty (both teams combined for more turnovers than assists), but I do have some problems that I want to point out. To me, I would say that the main fault here would be Coach Gentry. Even if you were to put Zion at a minutes restriction, you would rather him play those minutes at the end of the quarters, as opposed to the beginnings of the quarters, where Zions presence could be more impactful (especially with the lead that the Pelicans had going into the second half), so most of what Zion had yesterday was basically due to the minutes Gentry gave him. Now, back to Zion. The eye test was kinda sloppy if I have to keep it a buck. He didnt seem "fit"as many people have allegedly said In fact, he didnt really change from his physique from when the NBA started its hiatus (which I do not have a problem with. I am in the minority when I think his weight could be a great asset, as he will take on opposing big men both on offense and defense, but he still would need to slim down). Zions shooting was great (75% from the field is real good), however, he did not grab a single board, which isnt Zion. I mean, maybe his motor is rusty because this is the first game back, but I at least expected 3 boards from a guy who averaged 6.5 in the pre-hiatus NBA (and I know the sample size was small, but still). But, I am not worried. He is a guy who needs to play more to feel great, and I think we will see regular Zion in the next game the Pelicans play (and those ones are crucial). But factoring in all the points, I would have to give Zion a B for his performance yesterday. But what do you guys think? Do comment down below your thoughts.