The NBA should apologize to Dwyane Wade

Plokooon Heat5:06 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT Removed

Watching the season restart last night with all of the mentions of Black Lives Matter, messages on jerseys, and kneeling for the anthem was amazing. But it reminded me how far the league has come since 2016 when Dwyane Wade decided to stop standing for the national anthem in protest for his right to practice. The next year he found himself to the Cavs, something will can all empathize with. He came back to the heat for two more year but never got much of a chance. With the way the NBA is handling these protests now I really think r/nba mods should make a gesture of apology to him and use it as a moment to show how far we have come. He wasnt a huge NBA figure but he was way ahead of his time to protest during a time where the most famous player in the league was apolitical at best. What do you guys think? How could the r/nba community apologize/honor him? This moment just feels like the right time to me. Someone wrote his Wikipedia at some point (Had to repost this something went wrong the first time)