Local Jazz fans reaction to playoff game 1 kneeling during anthem

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[Jazz fans react to playoff game 1 kneeling during anthem](https://www.ksl.com/article/50001167/its-so-important-for-us-to-be-unified-utah-jazz-pelicans-kneel-during-national-anthem-before-nba-restart) - Comment section specifically. >Like anyone else, professional athletes should be free to speak their minds, run for office, or otherwise participate in the political process. They should also be free to remain silent, if they so choose. The celebrity status of a professional athlete gives them social capital in the form of access to and goodwill from the public. Speaking out is one way to spend that social capital. Some in the public will be inspired and encouraged, while others will withdraw their goodwill. If an athlete sees an injustice and speaks up, they know thats the calculus. Fans dont have to like what is said and they are welcome to withdraw their goodwill in response. They do not, however, have the right to demand that the athletes trade in their humanity and liberty for privilege of being entertainers. Thats not how it works.