Can anyone recommend any services to watch the playoffs seeding games on

ouiuyugftf Lakers5:52 am Fri Jul 31 EDT Removed

For context right now, I donít have cable, and I am spending almost $30 on league pass and $7 on NBA TV. Iím able to catch less than half of the seeding games (I counted) and to watch them on league pass I have to wait 3 hours until the game is completed, but itís not as fun watching a rerun of playoff basketball, not to mention the games take place late at night. Iím currently really disappointed and feel like Iíve wasted a lot of money on a service that doesnít really even benefit me a whole lot. I want to be able to watch most of the Laker games, but theyíre split half and half between TNT and ESPN while teams like the spurs and pacers get League pass. Can anyone recommend a service or app to watch basketball, and specifically the playoffs?