LeBron s offense vs Clippers

KDhairequalsJMpubes 5:28 am Fri Jul 31 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Obviously LeBron was key in end of this win with lockdown defense and what was essentially the game winner. However, LeBron has shot a combined 37% from the field in the 4 games this season. The Clippers seem like they’re more built to slow LeBron down than AD, mainly be design. With that being said, LeBron can’t possibly be this bad against them offensively, right? At times he just seems passive and not aggressive enough. Is it just a matter of missing open jumpers? A possible solution Nate Duncan suggested is that LeBron should post up more as he’s had a tremendous amount of success with that against other teams this season (1.3 points per possession). Is this a trend moving forward into a likely WCF matchup or will playoff LeBron be more aggressive?