Moreys post was an advocation of the violence to civilians in Hong Kong not only a support of the anti-government protest

seewjr 8:47 am Wed Oct 14 EDT 0 ups @ 0.09 Removed

What is really not good is the banner in the post. ​ This banner is not about freedom, its a banner of advocating violence against civilians who disagree with the radical protesters in Hong Kong. It is the banner of " ??", which means "destroy everything and die together" in Cantonese. If you have a friend who can speak Cantonese you may ask him if Im right. In the Hong Kong local forum LIHKG, the protesters have voted a similar "the banner of ??" as the banner of the anti-government campaign in this post []( ​ I must say that what they are attacking is not only the government and the Hong Kong police, the radical protesters also attacked any civilians or companies who don’ts disagree with their too radical and violent protest. They have smashed the banks, the restaurants, the railways and beaten the civilians who dont support them. From 4th Oct to 6th Oct, the Hong Kong MTR was destroyed so badly that it shut down during the whole Saturday. We the Hong Kong people heavily rely on MTR as the major public transport. I dont understand why the protesters destroy them. Its not helpful at all but only raised chaos. []( *Processing img i98mki3l7ir31...* *Processing img gmje9k2o7ir31...* ​ []( *Processing img cimsqlfr7ir31...* ​ []( *Processing img s458tcoy7ir31...* ​ *Processing img prkqthc18ir31...* They have also smashed hugh numbers of ATMs and set several banks on fire []( ​ *Processing img 6ywde6vf8ir31...* []( ​ *Processing img rajrj8xi8ir31...* []( *Processing img jrzo51hl8ir31...* []( *Processing img zi5dd0gt8ir31...* []( *Processing img g9ejpqc99ir31...* They have also beaten civilians even the elders who dont support their violent protest []( *Processing img q7fjevdqair31...* They beat a man just because he has mandarin accent []( *Processing img n8bc5i3rbir31...* They prisoned and tortured a journalist because he is a mainland Chinese [\_r2cc]( *Processing img xm1sf5a3cir31...* They beat a tourist to unconsciousness in Hong Kong airport because he is a mainland Chinese []( *Processing img 4pzbpl0wcir31...* All these meaningless violence targeted the civilians and companies who didnt hurt them at all. And these acts of violence are the actions of " ??". Maybe Morey didnt realize what he is advocating for. Freedom is not breaking the law, attacking other civilians and setting banks on fire. What I need is a peaceful environment so we can bring the problems of Hong Kong back to the council. I dont believe violence can bring anything to the future of Hong Kong. I do need an advocation of peaceful protest and stop the meaningless violence. Therefore Im disappointed with Moreys post because he doesnt know what is the other side of the protest.