NBA players salary expected to decrease by 20 if it loses the Chinese Market

DestinySaber Lakers6:54 am Wed Oct 14 EDT Deleted

[Link to the post]( > ???2002???NBA??????????????????????????????????????????NBA????? ??NBA????NBA?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ???NBA?????????????????????????????12????????????????6???????????????????2000???? ???????NBA???????????????????????2000??????????????1.1????????????????20%? Translation: Ever since Yao Ming entered the league in 2002, multiple Chinese businesses/sponsors have invested their money into the NBA, though deals are made directly with the teams and not the NBA itself. But due to the comments made by Morey and the support that Silver gave him, the banning escalated from only the Rockets now to the entire league and Chinese businesses/sponsors have since decided to end their partnership with the NBA. Currently, the earnings of the NBA from the Chinese market is being calculated into the salary cap and that the annual income of the NBA from the Chinese market is estimated to be around 1.2 billion, with 600 million of it going into the salary cap, which means every NBA team gets like 20 million dollars more due to the Chinese market. So if the NBA gets banned from China, it’s to be expected that teams would have 20 million dollars less for their salary cap and if we were to base it on the current salary cap of 110 million, every players’ salary would decrease by 20%