Let me tell you guys why Chinese people are so furious

StingNing 6:32 am Wed Oct 14 EDT 0 ups @ 0.18 Removed

I just wanna explain the situation, so please dont make personal abuse. Its NOT an issue about democracy or human rights or freedom of speech at all, its about the Integrity of Territorial Sovereignty. If you learn some history you will aware that how improper of Moreys tweet. First of all, we need to reach a consensus that there is no strict "Freedom of Speech". Honestly its kinda funny if you say you will defend anyones rights to freely express opinions. Well would you defend the opinions that support Terrorism or Gender Discrimination or Racial Discrimination? Will you defend the right of Donald Sterling? In China, all issues about Territorial Sovereignty is non-negotiable, just like racial discrimination in USA. Because 100 years ago, the Qing government was so weak that it had to cede territory to other countries, which is a humiliating history that all Chinese remember. Now Although China is economically and militarily strong, Chinese people still remember the humiliation 100 years ago, and no Chinese wanna that experience again. So you will know why China always maintain a strong stance on the Territorial Issue. Now its clear enough, Morey, the manager of the team which has most Chinese fans, tweeted about how he support the separatist activities in HK. This behavior really broke Chinese fans hearts. This is the non-negotiable issue that no one should comment. Actually in China, Moreys statementiis as unforgivable as the Sterlings discourse in USA. Well if I have business in USA, I would never comment on your untouchable issues, think about it! To sum up, the issue is totally not about the freedom or democracy or human rights, its just about the Territorial Sovereignty in China. If you have a chance, please come to China to learn how Western countries misunderstand us. Its a beautiful country with kind people and splendid views, we just care too much about the Territorial Sovereignty.