China seems to forget ball is life NBA fans from anywhere of the world will want to watch the NBA The moment they ban NBA in China they will only get a new opposing crowd

f52242002 NBA11:37 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT Deleted

NBA fans that love ball will want NBA, the market works the way it works. Blocking and censoring is only going to cause an uproar. Ive known some real die hard NBA fans from China. The Chinese loves the NBA. Players are like superstars there, gets to hangout with the most rich and famous. Even Jeremy Lin is getting like royal support there (ofc him being Asian is part of it, but just being in the NBA + Asian) hes starred in music videos, TV shows, etc. This NBA ban wont go down quietly in China, and NBA should stick to our grounds. This might be the first of many events to happen, where the Chinese finally gets sick and tired of their government.