I support Joe Tsais freedom

ZigguratOfUr 11:35 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Joe Tsai has been criticized a lot here for his statement condemning Daryl Morey. I think this criticism is misdirected - let me make the sympathetic case for Joe Tsai. I support Joe Tsais right to free speech, a right he unfortunately doesnt really have because his fortune is rooted in China through his position in Alibaba. If he spoke out actively in support of Morey let alone Hong Kong his fortune and freedom would be at very real risk. He could see "corruption investigations", bank account freezes, be harassed out of his position or far worse. To be clear, Im not saying that Tsais dishonest and biased screed wasnt sincere, Im just saying that we cant know he *didnt* receive a phone call from an Alibaba board member or a Chinese consulate diplomat telling him "Throw Morey under the bus or else". Because thats the reality he faces as a prominent Chinese citizen. Even billions of dollars dont give him the freedom to say "Support Hong Kong". And thats another good argument for free speech - it lets you know whos a really sincere asshole instead of trying to puzzle it out. Support Joe Tsais freedom, support Hong Kong.