OPINION If NBA leadership coaches and players feel that they cant discuss Chinese transgressions its up to the fans in the stadium to make the message heard

-yeaaa- Raptors11:11 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT Removed

The financially motivated hypocrisy seen from NBA leadership is unfortunate, but its clearly an extremely difficult minefield to navigate. Kerr, for example only, might feel one way or another, but he knows that if he mouths off he will severely affect Curry, Klay, and other folks who he may consider friends. Voicing an educated concern is important, but nobody wants to end up being a Morey - hung out to dry by your team/peers/friends. It should be a unified, concerted effort. This may be an opportunity for fans. The last 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter, the fans should chant "Jinping sucks", or "Free Hong Kong". Should probably avoid directly addressing China, since it could be considered as a directed slur at Chinese citizens.