An overlooked angle to Kerr and Pop and others mincing words about China

mightyhumanman [CLE] Dajuan Wagner10:01 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT Removed

It seems most people jumped to the conclusion that these usually outspoken coaches are holding back criticism of China and support for their colleagues because theyre licking the NBAs boots. While this issue does possibly have huge ramifications for the NBA at large, most people are not considering the impact they could have on their own players. I love what Morey did and wish more people would speak out, but no coach is going to risk potentially millions of dollars for the players they coach. You can tell this is hard for them in that they want to speak out, but its an extremely difficult decision to take money out of your colleagues pockets. Im not saying this is necessarily the right decision, but its much more nuanced than many are giving credit for.