Eric Nehm of The Athletic shares funny story about Lopez brothers from last night

OutsideTheServiceBox Bucks9:25 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT Removed

I haven’t seen him publish anything about this so I don’t have a link, but Eric Nehm, who reports on the Bucks for The Athletic, was in Milwaukee radio today and had a great story about the Lopez brothers during and after last night’s game. Mostly paraphrased: After Robin hit a 3 in the 2nd quarter, he did his (seldom seen) signature celebration in which he pretends to swirl a spoon in a cup of tea and then drink it. Soon after, Brook hit a 3 and instead of his signature smoking celebration, he borrowed Robin’s teacup. After the game, Nehm asked Robin about Brook using the move and Robin said: “It was a poor mimicry of mine.” Nehm then told Brook what his brother said, at which point Brook responded: “He’s a poor mimicry of me in general.” Man... This season is gonna’ be fun.