In case you havent heard this is how the NBA will become non-competitive if we let China censor affect the league

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Im posting on an alt because I got banned for 3 days over what was said in /r/HongKong. Just explaining why my post history is going to be whack. Either way, not sure if you all heard, but the winning player (a HK player) in Blizzards Hearthstone game ended up being banned for a year, and all his prize winnings this season was forfeited. The announcers that interviewed him after winning the highest level of the tournament also got canned. They also pulled his videos off all Chinese media along with Taiwans official media sites. I painted a scenario where China could dictate how the NBA could be played if the league does not take a stand against their aggressive white terror. With Yaos legacy now taboo in China, if and when China decides to want to dabble back in to the NBA, theyre going to need a new icon player to root for. China can easily push a player of their choosing, and pressure their presence in the league. Whether its as simple as getting drafted, or injecting them in to play a bigger role despite talent levels preventing them naturally to do so. Some have said this to be a slipper slope fallacy, but in the game of Heartstone, they just banned the best player in the world for a full year. Took away his championship, and he broke zero rules. China is beyond any rational when it comes to its pettiness. A move like this to promote a new icon player so they can have celebrity control to speak for the league like Joseph Tsai is exactly what China would do when given the opportunity. Joseph Tsai would be a prime candidate to have such a player on his team, influencing the league through ownership moves that would be pro CCP. If you inject a few more of these owners (China has a bunch of billionaires that need to spend their blood money) then youll have a league thatll be very supportive of the Chinese influence. This is like suspending Lebron, Steph, Giannis, Harden, etc... because they said something wrong for a full year. Heavily crippling the chance of that team winning altogether. I know Silver came out and said he support everyones freedom of speech today, and hes going to go overseas, but I just want to let everyone know that this can heavily impact the competitiveness of the league, and its obvious (thanks to all that have commented) that this is larger than basketball now. /r/NBA, /r/Blizzard, both subs that had nothing to do with China, Hong Kong, are up in arms recently and its no coincidence. Both fan bases have already taken steps to stand for whats right, and as a HKer who is also a basketball fan with over 3K hours in Diablo 3, I thank all of you for taking that stand. Free HK!