The whole argument that guys like Kerr lebron and pop shouldn t respond to this China controversy cause it doesn t directly affect them or the ones they love is not valid and they are still being hypocrites

bballplayer97 9:05 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT 1 ups @ 0.52 Removed

If this is how u wanna let these guys off the hook than next time lebron asks for unity on the black lives movement, I guess anyone who isn’t black should just turn the other way and not say anything right? Doesn’t affect them so why speak on it? Pop asking for unity for the lgbt community? Anyone who’s not a member or doesn’t have a family member in it shouldn’t say anything right? See how childish/cowardly this mentality is? And to those who are gonna say well maybe they are just not educated on the situation going on between HK and China, well that’s incredibly naive to believe and a slimy take to have. Do we all have access to the internet? Yep then there’s really no excuse. And maybe they didn’t know before morey’s tweet but the fact is now that the topic was brought up, you would not need much time to look into the situation.