A little thought about the recent China-NBA incident from a common Chinese fan

oscarwang05 9:01 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT 0 ups @ 0.07 Removed

Hi everyone, I am a Chinese NBA fan who was born and raised in China. I am very disappointment about how this whole China-NBA thing happened the way it is. After it happened, I have read a lot of articles from both Chinese and American media. As a Chinese fan, I feel I should share my thoughts to some American friends why China is so serious about this issue. I understand a lot of American people think we dont have "freedom of speech" in China, and the government controls everything back in China, which is so not true. The fact is, we can say most of the things that are not even allowed in America such as race, LGBT etc. The reason is simple, in our history, we never suffered from these matters, therefore they didnt become a problem that affects our society, however “Territorial integrity” is. Thats why this is a bottom line of China and it cannot be questioned whatsoever. We do not expect Americans to understand or share our value, because our education background are so different, and we can only see our own side of the story. All I want to say here is to explain why this is a serious issue to China. The reason we seek apology is not because Morey think Hong Kong should be "freed", it is because this kind of action shows disrespect to our bottom line, especially when he is the GM of Houston Rockets, the home team for lots of Chinese fans. If a common American citizen tweeted this, we would totally understand and ignore it. But for a man who does business with Chinese companies and knows Chinese society, this action is not acceptable and we need an apology.