Was Ben Simmons 3 Pointer planted to distract us from the China Controversy

klaygildmebby [BKN] Spencer Dinwiddie8:43 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT Removed

Ben Simmons still has never hit a 3 Pointer, because as you know, this is the preseason where stats are not recorded and everything is meaningless. Which would be the perfect time for the NBA & it’s governors to plant a Ben Simmons 3 Pointer to distract us from the ongoing situation in Hong Kong. Think “they” can’t rig a ball going into a hoop? Really think about it “they” had the technology, magnetic or otherwise? Go to every thread that’s happened since Ben Simmons 3 Pointer and just look at the comments. People aren’t even creating or encouraging conversation they’re just saying Ben Simmons 3 Pointer ™? or some variation. This would not be unusual behavior by a government to create a “False Flag Jimbo” so to speak, to distract the general public from a more important political issue. I’m just asking questions.