Who will win the Bradley Beal sweepstakes

RationalObserver23 10:39 pm Tue Sep 15 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

Bradley Beal is one of the brightest young stars in the NBA. Hes on a tram freindly contract, and putting up averages of 26/5/5 on 48/35/81. The Washington Wizards are in rebuidling mode and will need to make some trades soon. I cant see Beal wanting to spend his prime on a rebuilding team, it is likely that he forces his way out, or the Wiards try to trade him for assets. So who was a chance to get him? Candidates Nuggets- This is one I can see. The Nuggets have a bevy of young wings, guards and a lot of depth. They also have a decent amount of picks. The despertely need to pair Jokic and Murray with another star. Beal could make them title contenders. Pelicans- I can feel this one happening. David Griffin hinted that hes looking at a move to dramtically shift the Pelicans timeline up. I can see Griffin making a trade, especially with all of his assets he got in the AD trade grab Beal. Beals shooting and playmaking would be a great fit next to Zion. Spurs- This is an underrated one. The Spurs have a lot of draft picks, and young players. They could use a shot-creator like Beal to elevate their offense. The Spurs might want to move Derozan or Aldrige. However, the Spurs front office is very conservative, and they generally arent in favor of making big blockbuster trades. Timberwolves- I could see this potentially happeing, but the T-Wolves lack assets. Only Roco and Culver are postive assets and I dont think the Wizards would be intersted in Wiggins. However, if the Wolves are willing to part with some picks, something may happen. Magic- This is the true underrated team here. They have a lot of young wings in Gordon and Issac, and other young assets in Fultz, Bamba and Birch. They have young players, and their picks are worth a decent amount. The Magic havent had too much direction and lack that #1 guy that can elevate the to a contender.