Would Kawhi already surpassed Kevin Durant if the latter never joined Warriors

rixxxxer 7:48 pm Tue Sep 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

Kawhi has won ring with Raptors after a legendary playoff-run. He eliminated 76ers with 4 All-Level players & Giannis-lead Bucks. Even Orlando Magic were great with No.1 defense in post All-Star break. Sure, Kawhi defeated an injury-ridden GSW but so did LeBron in 2016. And Kawhi didnt let his team to be down 1-3 against GSW. Never mind that Kawhi was already All-Star level player before 2019 playoffs. KD is a great player, but his legacy wouldnt be impressive without rings + FMVP. Do you think Kawhi already surpassed KD if the matter never went to Warriors?