Why has Russell Westbrook stopped taking OKC to the 2nd round since 2016

rixxxxer 4:11 pm Tue Sep 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.43 Deleted

After Westbrook got traded to Rockets, his time as OKCs franchise player during 2010s decade came to an end. Sam Presti recognized Westbrook as the best/greatest player in their franchise history. Its a shame on how OKC never won an NBA Championship during Westbrook-era. OKCs offense ran through Westbrook as the main ball-handler and it has been very successful after helping OKC reaching 4 straight WCF + NBA Finals 2012. Never mind that Westbrook earned a lot of individual accomplishments. As the title says, why couldnt Westbrook lead OKC to 2nd round since 2016?