If Durant never gets his jersey retired by OKC he can always get retired by the Sonics if when they come back

Dgeneratte Trail Blazers1:57 pm Tue Sep 15 EDT Deleted

I just came across this [tweet](https://twitter.com/cfitzfox/status/1171428943477407745) which brings up the point that the Thunder may not want to retire Durants number especially after his comments about the organization. I began to wonder if he could be retired by the new Sonics. Because the Sonics franchise is technically the Thunder now, any team that moves to Seattle would bring all of its franchise history with it. This means Durant never played for the new Sonics. So can he get retired by a team he has never played for? Yes he can, and it has happened before. In 2003, The Heat retired Michael Jordans number 23 in honor of his legacy.