Will the new draft rules fix tanking

MarkAttark 3:18 pm Mon Sep 14 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Deleted

I feel like a post season one-game March Madness style tourney amongst non-playoff teams wherein the winner gets the number one pick would be the best/most fun way to resolve the issue. Would eliminate the middle tier hell that a lot of teams have found themselves in and likely increase parity in that mediocre teams might get the superstar needed to push them into contention. Would also grant playoff teams a slightly longer rest and would give shitty teams something to look forward to. Picks 2-4 would be lottery. 5 through 14 would be based on record. Two issues I see: 1. You could potentially see likely playoff teams with no hopes of contending for a title (thinking Miami Heat of this year) tanking if a top Zion tier prospect popped up. 2. Might be a tough sell to get guys to play hard/risk injury to try and replace a teammate. The thing is, the single game elimination series would mean that the better team wouldnt always win. Could not imagine the sort of shit a potential 4/5/6/7/8 seed would get if they tanked into the 9th and didnt win. Second issue feels like it could just make it add more drama/more storylines. What do you guys think?