The current NFL situation is very similar to the NBA league of the past few years

tunesquad2020 NBA9:15 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT Removed

For the past few years, the NBA seemed to be a league dominated by one team to be eventual champions every year, while the NFL featured many possibilities for new teams to make the Superbowl. But this year, and for next few years, this has flipped and I believe the New England Patriots are what the Warriors were in the NBA the past few years. In all honesty the Pats genuinely have not lost a superbowl over non-self inflicted causes since 07 if you dont count the Eagles superbowl, which they would have won with Malcolm Butler according to my roster construction theory. Which seems like a strong statement, but there is literally not another single team in the entire AFC that has the probable ability to beat the Patriots in a regular season game. Combined with the fact that theyre going to get to play extremely weak AFC North teams this season multiple times, the Pats are pretty much super bowl bound this year as theres no other team in the AFC thats as strong as the Patriots -Chiefs: they lost key players and Mahomes is injured/will regress -Steelers: not enough depth/elite talent to bail them out like in previous years -Ravens: Lamar Jackson is bad and they lost a ton of their D -Chargers: Rivers is aging and the team is inferior to the Pats in literally every aspect -Titans/Browns/Colts/Texans: no Additionally there are no NFC teams that could conceivably beat the Patriots in a playoffs setting, which is admittedly pretty obvious so I wont explain why. Anyways I just thought it was interesting that the NFL situation right now is the same as the NBA from the past few years, with the AB aquisition (like KD) to boot. This is a new situation, as there hasnt been a team this far ahead of the competition in terms of roster construction/winning ability since the 07 Patriots, who went undefeated that season (and farther back the Niners/Cowboys of the 90s). This is in stark difference to the current NBA, where every team has a pair of superstars and there are multiple championship contenders