Is KD one Kyrie season away from going full Antonio Brown next season

DydoDeChamp Heat8:14 pm Sat Sep 12 EDT Removed

KD has been an active supporter of Antonio Brown thru this past year. If there are any nba player that comes close to matching AB in terms of talent, sensitivity, and general weirdness, itís KD. A lot of people believe ABís problems started with JuJu being more popular in the pocketbook than him, despite AB being the better player. This season Kyrie Could be much more popular in the lockeroom than KD, mainly just because he will actually be playing with the team. The weirdness of KD combined with the weirdness of Kyrie could send KD off the edge. We are one Instagram conspiracy video away from KD dying his goatee blonde, forcing a trade to the kings, just to get himself cut and join the Lakers. Anything is possible, folks