Which scheme was more cunning Kawhi leveraging OKC to force trade of PG13 to Clippers or Antonio Brown leveraging Oakland Raiders while faking CTE insanity to get himself to the Patriots

ssj4rab 5:55 pm Sat Sep 12 EDT 0 ups @ 0.46 Removed

Kawhi took advantage of small market weakness of OKC to force Prestis hand to hand over Paul Geroge to Clippers or ABs shrewd move to find way to NE Patriots knowing that Steelers would never trade him there but used drama, CTE rumor, plain craziness to get Raiders to release him. He signed a three year deal worth that $30. Hes got a one year for $15 and hes a FA after the season. Left a losing team and likely gets a SB for $600k less. Who did it better?