Michael Jordan is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME

gesundemBrot 3:48 pm Sat Sep 12 EDT 0 ups @ 0.36 Removed

MJ missed 136 games out of 1066 possible games in 13 seasons with the Bulls and played 930 games with em. He left before 1993-94 season started, he didnt play the seasons 1998-99, 99-00, 00-01. He played 142 games out of possible 164 games with the Wizards. In his total of 15 seasons, Air Jordan missed 158 games out of his 1072 games. He couldve played 1230 games, without the seasons he completely didnt play. And if he wouldve played full 20 seasons like a normal, successful NBA career, he couldve played 1640 games. With that being said, Jordan could have had an even more successful career than he already had. He played 1072 games out of possible 1230/1640 games but more importantly, he played 930 Bulls games out of possible 1066/->1640<-. Imagine MJ playing 930 + like 600 games more, that wouldve been 1530 games and 110 missed, but still 2/3 more of his already insane career. He wouldve EASILY been the highest scorer and ecery other category. No one would even ever dare to compare him to LeBron, Bird, Kobe, Magic, Wilt, Kareem and any other baller. He is, in FACT, the greatest of all time.