Serious Why is all the criticism being thrown at Greeces coaching and not Giannis limitations as a player

91jumpstreet 2:34 pm Sat Sep 12 EDT 0 ups @ 0.37 Removed

Giannis has zero post up moves, face up mid range. No triple threat moves whatsover, he has zero fundamentals in his game. Thad Young had this interview before the playoffs, and he said the key was to give Giannis space, and smother his predictable outlet passes. He also has minimal court vision and cannot throw alley oops inside because he cannot read a set defense. The experienced Greek coaches realized all of this. This is why so many people had a problem with Giannis winning MVP... Harden is clearly better and more skilled at basketball than him. He cannot breakdown anybody if its not in transition with a head of stream. and court isnt PERFECTLY spread out for him. As the refs begun to give him more superstar calls and ignore his egregious offensive fouls via stiff arms and elbows, and allowed his gather step, he begun to dominate the NBA game ​ Yet Twitter wants to blame the coach and not the player. **Junk defenses work vs a player when a player is extremely limited in one area.** ​ []( - where all the tweets are. [**Jonathan Givony**]( What a shame for Greece (and basketball fans worldwide) having such a transcendent talent like Giannis and not knowing how to properly use him. US did a great job of taking him out of the game with junk defenses. Makes you appreciate the team Milwaukee built around him a lot more Kevin OConnor: "Greece has no clue how to use Giannis Antetokounmpo nearly as well as the Bucks do. And Giannis not playing a single minute in the fourth quarter is an absolute joke. We got robbed watching Giannis on this team. " **Alex Lasry** "Giannis just standing in the corner as Greece refuses to give him the ball at the top will give me night terrors"