Every NBA teams best player strengths and weaknesses

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Atlanta Hawks Best Player : Trae Young Strengths : Passing and 3 point shooting Weaknesses : Looks like a Kamela Harris had sex with Donald Trump (Ew) Boston Celtics Best Player : Tacko Fall Strengths : He is tall Weaknesses : Not actually a taco Brooklyn Nets Best Player : Kevin Durant Strengths : Loyalty, had to make the hard sacrifice to join the struggling 73-9 Warriors Weaknesses : Scoring, brushing his hair Charlotte Hornets Best Player : (Scary) Terry Rozier Strengths : Top 5 player of all time Weaknesses : None Chicago Bulls Best Player : Zach LaVine Strengths : He was on Kirby Buckets On Disney XD Weaknesses : Shit Dunker Cleveland Cavaliers Best Player : Tristan Thompson Strengths : The east runs through him Weaknesses : Cheated on Khole Dallas Mavericks Best Player : Luka Doncic Strengths : Kinda hot (No homo) Weaknesses : only plays 3 positions (No Homo) Denver Nuggets Best Player : Nikola Jokic Strengths : Sexy as shit Weaknesses : Next Darco Mili?i? Detroit Pistons Best Player : Andre Drummond Strengths : Good rebounder Weaknesses : Ugly as shit Golden State Warriors Best Player : Stephan Curry Strengths : 3 PT shooting, Good at golf Weaknesses : His teammate is the guy that said "He didnt even stretch doe) Houston Rockets Best Player : Anthony Bennett Strengths : Best Canadian ever, led the league in scoring last year ( pretty sure it was him) Weaknesses : cut his beard Indiana Pacers Best Player : Victor Oladipo Strengths : Looks likes that guy named Thomas which goes to my gym Weaknesses : Looks likes that guy named Thomas which goes to my gym LA Clippers Best Player : Lou Williams Strengths : Had 2 girlfriends Weaknesses : Looks like hes not allowed 50 feet from playgrounds Los Angeles Lakers Best Player : Lebron James Strengths : Fire Hairline and toes, had the honer to be carried by Alex Caruuso Weaknesses : Shit player Memphis Grizzlies Best Player : Dwight Howard Strengths : Did so much for the Lakers Weaknesses : Left Charlotte (Hornets are the NBA equivalent of The NE Patriots) Miami Heat Best Player : Jimmy Butler Strengths : Great teammate, nice to ownership, D leaguers and his teammates, Weaknesses : Likes country music. Fuck country music Milwaukee Bucks Best Player : Dragon Bender Strengths : A fucking dragon Weaknesses : Fucked the donkey in Shrek Minnesota Timberwolves Best Player : Andrew Wiggens Strengths : Takes the best shots, top 5 player with Scary Terry Weaknesses : Contracts shit, needs a to get paid more New Orleans Pelicans Best Player : Lonzo Ball Strengths : Best rapper on this list ( Sorry Dame D.O.L.L.A) Weaknesses : Left BBB (Why) New York Knicks Best Player : Bobby Portis Strengths : On the Knicks (Top 2 most Well run teams with the hornets) Weaknesses : Looks like he killed 10 people when he smiles Oklahoma City Thunder Best Player :Chris Paul Strengths : Uh, to lazy to think of something, uh passing Weaknesses : Marks Favorite team. Fuck Mark Orlando Magic Best Player : Makelle Fultz Strengths : That Jumpshot Weaknesses : Plays in a city thats most famous for a fucking amusement park made by a mouse Philadelphia 76ers Best Player : Joel Embied Strengths : Twitter chad Weaknesses : He is "the process" Fuck the process, the real process was my boy T. J. McConnel Phoenix Suns Best Player : Kelly Oubre Jr Strengths : Hotter then Phoenix Weaknesses : wont respond to my DMs Portland Trail Blazers Best Player : Damien Lillard Strengths : Beat the Thunder. Fuck Mark Weaknesses : Was in the Hulu commercial (5/10) Sacramento Kings Best Player : DeAaron Fox Strengths : Faster then my dad (Left to by milk 10 years ago) Weaknesses : Not actually a fox (Like Tacko) San Antonio Spurs Best Player : Rudy Gay Strengths : Nice last name, (Yes i have the humor of a 9 year old) Weaknesses : I was robbed in San Antonio. Fuck you 6ft white guy with a weird voice Toronto Raptors Best Player : Patrick McCaw Strengths : Reason why the raptors got the title (Not Kawhi, it was Patrick) Weaknesses : Not even that good (4.0pts a season career high) Utah Jazz Best Player : Rudy Gobert Strengths : Tall, Good defender, Blocker , Rebounder Weaknesses : 3pt shooting, Not that fast (Got Lazy) Washington Wizards Best Player : Bradley Beal Strengths : Doesent care about the all star game Weaknesses : Picked last for the all star game