Which all time of players by position would win a king of the court competition e g could a team of all time Cs beat a team of all time PGs

calliope_jack Bulls1:03 pm Tue Aug 13 EDT Deleted

So assume everyone is in their prime. Based on the following teams who wins? Or is there even a dominant team and it just comes down to matchups? Center - Wilt, Kareem, Bill Russell, Hakeem, Shaq, David Robinson, Yao Ming, Moses Malone PF - Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Anthony Davis, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman, Kevin McHale SF - LeBron James, Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, Julius Irving, Scottie Pippen, Elgin Baylor, Kawhi Leonard, Rick Barry SG - MJ, Kobe, Wade, James Harden, Allen Iverson, Jerry West, Vince Carter, Klay Thompson PG - Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, John Stockton, Oscar Robertson, Steve Nash, Payton, Westbrook, Chris Paul I tend to think the Small Forwards would win, but I could see the SGs beating them. I think either the SGs or SFs would beat the PGs, but the PGs could beat the centers or maybe power forwards.