08 Celtics and 10 Lakers would probs beat Durant Warriors

Sancho_Virus 2412:12 am Tue Aug 13 EDT Deleted

GS struggled with big bodied size. See Philly merk them in the regular season. ZBO and Marc or Tristan and Mosgov in 15. Bynum KillS Looney Pau makes Dray his GF, and Dray can’t even shoot so stretch 4 my ass LO and Metta switch off on Durant. Give him the length and the girth I mean the strength. Won’t stop him but they offer the best def matchup than any team Durant warriors faced LO and Metta switch off on Klay. Whoever guards him just has to run around in circles anyway. Kobe locks up steph Delly style on steroids This LA 5 slows the game down and runs everything through the block, as all 5 players have match up advantages on the offensive end on the block. Maybe LO and Durant is a wash if Durant matches up with him on D. They get all the rebounds. No fast breaks. No 3s for warriors. Lakers in 6.