The Full 48 Podcast Because Lebron s return to Cleveland the night before Thanksgiving got a high rating they decided to make AD amp Mike Conley s returns the night before Thanksgiving too

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On Howard Beck’s “The Full 48 Podcast,” he had on NBA Scheduling Czars, Sr. VP of Game Schedule Management Tom Carelli and Sr. VP of Basketball Strategy & Analytics Evan Wasch, to talk about the scheduling strategies the league goes through. One of the most interesting things that came from their conversation comes, at the 34 minute mark, when talking about how they realized the night before Thanksgiving could be a big ratings night after they stumbled onto Lebron’s return back to Cleveland last year. They said that’s why Kyrie (Boston) and AD’s (New Orleans) returns to their old teams are specifically that night. So, looks like we got us a potential tradition brewing on the night before Thanksgiving. (The return of the ex-star). With player movement so high, the league can be sure they’ll have this as a marquee date for many years to come. The whole pod is worth checking out if you’ve ever been curious how they make the NBA schedule. They start planning the next season’s schedule in October, so won’t be too long before they’re getting ready for the 2020-2021 schedule. ???? Source: