Kobe You can t play poker no more you ain t got no chips Marbury You re dead Kobe So now you know you can t guard me You openly admit you can t guard me Now I guard you and lock you up now what Now how you feelin

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— Kobe Bryant’s Interview on Stephon Marbury’s Old Talk Show. Found this mentality to be different. He truly wanted to step on your throat on every aspect of the game. Truly different. Check this out: Kobe: “So that’s the psychology of it. Growing up, I used to hear kids say all the time ‘I can’t guard you, but you can’t guard me.’ And when I hear somebody say that, I see it as an opportunity. ‘OK. So you’re conceding the fact that you can’t guard me. OK.’ Kobe: “So now you’re saying I can’t guard you, that’s the only chip you have.” Kobe: “So now if I take that chip from you, then what you gonna do?” Kobe: “You can’t play poker no more, you ain’t got no chips.” Marbury: “You’re dead.” Kobe: “So now you know you can’t guard me. You openly admit you can’t guard me. Now I guard you and lock you up, now what? Now how you feelin’?” Link: https://grantland.com/the-triangle/kobe-bryants-interview-on-stephon-marburys-old-talk-show-is-televisions-greatest-moment/