Is Dirk the most overrated star in NBA history

KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCH [LAL] Hot Rod Hundley9:07 pm Mon Aug 12 EDT Removed

- People still hold on to his one and only ring he won almost a decade ago - Speaking of a decade, he hasnt won a playoff series in close to 10 years (Last one was in 2011) - In 2007 as a 1 seed, lost In 6 games to an 8th seed in his prime & averaged 19 ppg on **21%** from three with **51%** TS - In 2010 as a 2 seed, lost again in 6 games to a 7th seed in the first round - As a 7 footer **never** averaged 10 rebounds in 21 career seasons Why is Dirk so worshipped on here? Is it because of that one ring against the Big 3 Heat?