Ben Simmons Is A Giant Among Men

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Let me state this: There are 3 players in the entire NBA that have even a remote chance of passing Michael Jordan on the legacy leaderboard. 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo 2. Kawhi Leonard 3. Ben Simmons Ben Simmons might be an asshole who doesnt want to hang out with kids but we have to prepare for the realization that his physical ability sewed into the win-first mentality mindset bestowed upon him is a blessing very few in the universe have ever witnessed. ​ Let me be crystal clear and concise: **None of the three listed above are at MJs level yet.** My point is, if all aspects align in divine order then they have a chance of turning a 350 foot triple into a 500 foot home run. ​ **We have 3 levels of personality as well evolving from the 3 stud muffins listed above.** Giannis: Nice Guy Kawhi: Neutral Guy **Ben Simmons: Bad Ass Mother Trucker** ​ Time to explain: What made MJ Like Mike was his **MENTALITY**. *He had the physical skillset and stats all great and fun.* **What made MJ great is he transformed a competitive free-for-all into a killer mentality willing to be on top of the animal kingdom at all costs.** ​ It allowed Mr. 23 to reach individual heights of greatness hardly ever witnessed in the history of mankind, attracting the picture perfect puzzle pieces to ascend the Bulls from the depths of despair to the heights of the heavens. **In terms of a killer instinct alone, there are only four players besides MJ Flynn Patrick has ever witnessed that match Michael Jordan in the history of the NBA:** 1. Kobe 2. LeBron 3. Larry Bird 4. Ben Simmons Let me assure you right now the kid has the keys to the kingdom on a flat base in the palm of his hand. **Ben Simmons is not a mere mortal, the odds are more than likely he will ascend to the pinnacle of Mount Olympus while joining the esteemed rare company of whom are Giants Among Men.**