Rich Paul and the NCAA have been in cahoots this whole time

whodthefookisthatguy [TOR] Pascal Siakam2:26 pm Mon Aug 12 EDT Deleted

There has been growing discontent with Rich Paul for months over him helping his players bully organizations and use the media to manipulate in to getting whatever they want. The NCAAs approval rating has also been steadily decreasing as the public outrage over their exploitation of their athletes continues to rise. Rich Paul and NCAA hatched a scheme that would increase both of their approval ratings. By publishing this op-ed and advocating for the rule to be eliminated, Rich Paul comes off as compassionate to agents and players. And by agreeing to abolish the rule, the NCAA now comes off as reasonable and more sensitive to public opinion. The plan to implement this rule, the op-ed, the help of Shams Charania. This whole thing was a Sham.