How good would prime Shaq be in todays NBA

stayonthepath 12:07 pm Mon Aug 12 EDT 1 ups @ 0.66 Removed

Ive only been watching the game for a couple of years so I dont really know much about the difference in play between todays teams and teams from 10-15 years ago unless I go on YouTube. I watched Shaqs career high video Vs the LA Clippers and saw how he scored most of his points in that particular game: post and hook shots and powerful dunks. Im not saying that that way of scoring is exclusive only to Shaq of course, but I would like to know: if he were in todays NBA, would he be a franchise player (take out his ego, brand name and marketing ability and focus only on his skillset) or would he be an option among players who could shoot the ball and scoring at a decent percentage? How good would he be in todays NBA?