How the Sun Kings would fare in the NBA

Lecanver483 Lakers2:16 am Mon Aug 12 EDT Removed

I simulated the Sun Kings roster on and the Tijuana Piranhas ended up power ranked last in the league. The Sun Kings ranked second behind the Lakers. Heres how the team fared. Im just going to spoil it now before all the details. Deandre Ayton, Devin Booker, DeAaron Fox, and promising 3rd seeded 2020 Sun Kings would lose in the semifinals. In 5 seasons from 2019-2024, they failed to make the playoffs twice and lost in the first or second round in two other seasons. Their best season was the 2021 season and they lost in 5 games in the WCF. Meanwhile the Tijuana Piranhas also barely made the playoffs in 5 seasons. Deandre Ayton would lead the team in points. Immediately after all but one draft the Sun Kings would cut their rookies. Ultimately players would not want to get drafted by the Sun Kings but by league rules they would have to. The Sun Kings would keep one player though. Dusty Parker, drafted in 2023, would average 1 point in 7 minutes per game. Due to David Stern returning as commissioner and abusing his power, a new rule would be made. No teams can trade. As well somehow for the first time since the dawn of caveman basketball, no player were to be injured in a basketball league for 5 years straight. Teams would have to use their luck in free agency. The Tijuana Piranhas formerly known as the Phoenix Suns would eventually land Karl-Anthony Towns The New York Knicks would go on to ~~lose lose~~ win the championship in 2024. No other player on the Sun Kings could barely succeed to score more than 16 points per game. Proof: [](