Draymond Green is the best defender in NBA history

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Draymond is the single most transformative defensive player weve ever seen. No player gives you the amount of versatility he can offer along with Einstein BBIQ. Lets take a look at what separates Draymond from everybody else. Versatility: Draymond can defend 1-5 at elite levels. Put him in the 90s and he would hav won problems with Shaq and Rodman. He would clamp Hakeem because of his incredible instincts. Put him in the 70s and he would be swatting Kareems skyhook like it was nothing. And dont get me started on his perimeter defense: he would be clamping MJ like Gary Payton. BBIQ: The best instincts weve ever seen. Best team help defender in history. Draymonds uncanny ability to read plays is rivals only by Lebron, his adjustments are incredible. A true basketball savant. Toughness: Draymond is built like a bull. He would survive in any era against any opponent. His trash talking would get under anybodys skin. His mental fortitude is second to none. Nobody has more grit.