Why Andrew Wiggins is a better player than Nikola Jokic

JrDidNothingWrong [CLE] Delonte West6:05 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

Jokic |Wiggins 44/0/100(only 2 attempts) |44/33/69 Only 9 fga and 10 ppg |13 fga and 15 ppg Clearly Wiggins is stronger mentally if he can keep throwing up shots despite everyone telling him he shouldnít, and thatís the kind of killer instinct you need to be a star in this league. Jokic is too passive and his playoff performance shows that he isnít a star, much less an mvp candidate like some nuggets fans would like you to believe. Bonus footage that solidifies Wiggins place as the better of these two young players: https://youtu.be/q36Jgq81Qjw