My opinion on the Raptors situation

TonySoprano300 5:29 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Obviously Kyle Lowry didn’t score well, and that sucks but what’s more alarming to me is this. Why the hell do they even need Kyle Lowry to win a game 1 at home vs the Magic? No disrespect to the magic, I was very impressed with their play but the fact is that Toronto is obviously a much more talented team even without Lowry. Kawhi had a great game, Danny Green had a great game, Siakam also played very well, Gasol also played well, even Jodie Meeks hit that nice floater for the and 1. I could understand if they were going up against GSW or the Bucks but it’s very concerning to me that they couldn’t pull out a win in a grind it out game at home. Now I have no doubt that Toronto will probably win this series, but the question they have to be asking themselves is what happens when we face the Bucks or the warriors? Championship teams know how to care of business, in 2016 the warriors took both home games vs Portland and closed out the Houston series all while steph was out. That’s what championship teams do and if Toronto can’t comfortably put this game away despite a bad performance from a key player then what happens vs a team like the Bucks? Does everybody have to be firing on all cylinders in every game? It all comes down to execution, the fact that there was confusion on the last play between Kawhi and Gasol is a sign of a team that wasn’t very well prepped because the fact that Kawhi was under the impression that they were switching on the last play when Nurse said that Kawhi was supposed to get over the screen might mean that defensive coverages weren’t reinforced well enough. That’s just the impression I got from that, I could be wrong though That’s just my take, maybe Toronto wakes up after this and just goes on a tear but so far that is some cause for concern.