Discussion The consensus seems to be that the top 4 players in the nba are Giannis Curry Harden and Durant In what order do you have these players and why

Brandonlngram Lakers3:50 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT Deleted

Personally, the order I would have to go with is: ​ 1. **Kevin Durant** - His phenomenal performances in the last 2 NBA finals show how good this guy can be. Last year in the finals he posted 29/11/8 /2/1 on an absurd 65.4% True shooting. The year before that he put up 35/8/5/2/1 on ***69.8%*** True shooting. When he gets going, his offense can be as great as anyones, not to mention his defense is well above average. (Rare for a top 10 player) 2. **Giannis Antetokounmpo** - Best player on the best team in the league. Literally unstoppable in transition and is an overall athletic monster that can score in basically every way that excludes the 3 point line(hes getting better at that to). He also arguably plays the best defense out of anyone in the current top 10. 3. **Stephen Curry** - The only thing holding him back from being higher than the two above is the gap in defense is just too large. When he plays at his peak, Currys offense is without a doubt the best in the league, but in my opinion the gap between offensive skill does not cover the gap between defensive skill when you compare Curry to Giannis/KD. 4. **James Harden** - Although he did average 36 points this season, in my opinion Hardens offense relies too much on getting free throws to be a top 3 player. To compare, Harden averaged **11** free throws this season, while Giannis averaged 9.5, Durant averaged 5.7, and Curry averaged 4.2. Additionally, if Curry saw the same usage Harden saw this season, I dont think itd be a stretch to say Curry could average near 36 a game, especially without KD. ​ I dont think there is a wrong answer when it comes to ranking these 4 players, in what order do you have them and why?