Serious What if teams couke end a first round series early by going up 3-0

FlowersInACup Hornets3:31 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

So first round series would still be best of 7, but if you go up 3-0, the series is just called there? **PROS** * Eliminates what are almost always meaningless games where players could get hurt. * Rewards teams for trying and going hard in the playoffs. Obviously teams what’s to win a series, but higher seeded teams sometimes don’t take lower seeded teams as seriously because they know they’ll win in 5 or 6 if it comes to that. * Creates more tension because there is an added elimination opportunity. * Imagine the bloodbath that Game 3 would be if Orlando beats Toronto again and go up 2-0. The stakes of who wins game 1 & 2 would be increased and lower teams would have slightly better chances of upsetting higher seeded teams. **CONS** * In rare cases, some teams might just lay down and die if they’re down 2-0 because they know they’re outmatched and want to get the season over with Sooners * Teams could end up resting for too long if they have a 3 game series and their opponent has a 7 game series. * We would no longer get to see the stunning comebacks when a team goes down 0-3.